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Artésimo カテゴリー「アートの紙魚/Art Topics」


Baroque Music from Latin America


Havana Art Biennial 2015/Bienal de la Habana 2015

Bienal de la Habana 2015


Eugenio Barba


Ernesto Neto (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1964)

A 10 minute compressed cut of a film by Nathan Gulick on the installation of a new work by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. The work, entitled MOTHER BODY EMOTIONAL DENSITIES, FOR ALIVE TEMPLE TIME BABY SON, was on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - the inaugural show at the new downtown location. The film tracks the progression of the installation (of one of his largest works to date) and is intercut with dual interviews that give insight into his working methods and thought process.

View Ernesto Neto's lecture at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, as part of the Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series. A leader in Brazil's contemporary art scene, sculptor Ernesto Neto expands the practice of sculpture with physical interaction. Over the last decade, he has achieved international acclaim for dramatic, participatory environments involving biom...orphic forms. Though his work is characterized by the use of stretchy, transparent fabric, often weighted with spices, he constantly experiments with other materials and techniques. Underpinning all his work is a continual inquiry into a vast range of subjects, including anthropology, subatomic physics, urban planning, sociology, film and literature. In his work, Neto aims to create "an art that unites, helping us to interact with others, showing us the limits, not as barriers but as a place of sensations and of exchange and continuity."


Obras comentadas: Autorretrato, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, (1796 - 1797)


Learning Spanish through Art




ArteSpain: Manuel Franquelo en la Galería Marlborough



La historia de 'Poeta en Nueva York'


Documentário Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

O documentário de Maria Helena Vieira da Silva ( 1908-1992) compõe a série Masterwods transmitida pelo canal TVA de assinaturas no Brasil. Tem a duração de 9 minutos e analisa especialmente o quadro O Desastre, produzido em 1942, pela artista portuguesa, e Tragédia no Mar, de 1944. Ambos foram produzidos no período em que a artista morou no Brasil ( de 1940-1947). O primeiro expressa os horrores da guerra e o segundo, homens e mulheres sendo tragados pelos naufrágios, numa clara referência ao período das descobertas marítimas.
O documentário, dirigido por Reiner Moritz, deixa claro que as principais obras da artista portuguesa foram produzidas durante a sua permanência no Brasil.
O Desastre pertence ao Centro de Arte Moderna de Lisboa.